Our Superpowers

Docker, Service Discovery, Ansible , AWS, Kubernetes, Lambda, Cloudfront, Jenkins, Git and Mongo ... All this and much more.



Begin your docker journey with us.Bring your microservices architure upto date and leverage orcherstreation tools such as kubernetes and swarm to achieve faster, safer deployments and rollbacks, simplified management with solid reliability and scale

Service Discovery

Defined as the automatcic discovery of instances and services, revolutionizes application architecture especially scalabilty, redundancy and availability. Consul, which is our tool of choice for this also combines, configuration management, health checks and the ability to use multiple data centers without complicated configuration


Run you entire code without the cost and complexity of managing servers.Execute your code only when needed and scale automatically, from a few requests per day to thousands per second.Our work and experience with AWS LAMBDA makes us the right partner for you to leverage this exciting new technology


A radical and simple IT automation engine, is the simplest way to automate IT infrastructure, application deployment, configuration management and continious delivery.It dramatically improves the scalability, consistency and reliabilty of you platforms. Our custom ansible webfront end allows you to manage your ansible tasks easily and securely


The premier IAAS provider in the world and the first and only choice of millions of businesses around the world. Leverage our deep understanding and experience of running designig, setting up, managing and monitoring multiple platforms for extremely demandind clients to help you make the move to the cloud, optimize performance and cost of your exisiting setup and for continious management, monitoring and optimization.


Leverage our expertise with Jenkins to setup your CI/CD pipeline. It is the perfect tool to use as a simple CI server or the as a continious delivery hub for your project. It is easily extensible via pluggins to customize its functionality to suit your exact requirements.It can also be setup to distribute workload across multiple machines to enable quick and reliable builds, tests and deployment across multiple platforms.

Our Story

Cloud2Scale was founded in July 2014. Our emphasis has always been on working closely with customers on technologies that excite us. We have helped some very well known companies overcome significant challenges and deliver their products and services effectively and at scale. Our empasis on bringing in DevOps as an operating principle has helped our customers to improve availability and reduce issues and errors on their platforms

DevOps Services

We work closely with your development team with an empasis on constant communication, close collaboration, and integration. We ensure that your development team can concentrate on what they do best and leave the rest to us.

Backed up by clearly defined processes, SLA's and Escalation Matrices, our monitoring services go well beyond the traditional model of monitoring 'boxes'. We customize our monitoring to each customers specefic requirements and integrate the same as a part of our Devops.

Consulting Services

Setting up new infra on the cloud? ,Migrating to cloud ? looking at dockerising your applications ?Want to improve performance and availability? Let our team of experts do the heavy lifting for you.

Companies who use our services

Many of our engagements arise from client needs driven by cutting edge opensource technologies and need of innovation

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